Monday, February 6, 2012


Katie's fevers have broken and a rash has appeared, so she appears to be on the mend (and I am once again fooled by benign ear fluid OH HOW SHOCKING.)  Last night's sleep was marginally better than the rest of the weekend, with only two night wakings.  The first time she woke up, I must have been really sound asleep, because when I fully woke up, she was screaming bloody murder.  I staggered down the hall and walked into her room, where I found her standing in her crib.

With one leg up.

As if to climb out.


Among the list of many troubling behaviors that never entered Gracie's mind is climbing out of the crib.  Child never attempted it once in the two years she spent in her crib.  She would march back and forth, waving her blanket around, drinking water, reading books, occasionally sleeping, but she never, ever tried to climb out.

Of course- OF COURSE- the child who I have woefully slacked on sleep training, is the one who thinks, I shall set myself free from this infant Bastille and go find my mother and also her bewbs.

Viva La Sleep Deprivation.  Or something.  I'm too tired to think of a clever way to end this.


Donna said...

I'm sure she probably wouldn't go for it and I am the last person qualified to give baby sleep advice, but... have you tried the crib tent? You can zip her in, but Aidan was the only one of mine who fell for that, until the zipper broke. (haha my word verification is "doozy.")

Max's Mommy said...

Well... I'm glad she's better...

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Good call on the crib tent Donna, I forgot about those.

And yep, Heather, I'd say she's 100% today. 100% TURD.