Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So. I have a daughter. How about that.

Princess Grace is currently having her hearing screened, which should be interesting because she has thoroughly confused her days and nights and was JUST passing out when they came to get her. She has decided she must be held at all times, preferably in a position to nurse should the mood strike her. She may only want two or three sucks, but by GOD she better get them when she wants them.

Her entry into the world was not at all what I expected. The parts I expected to be the worst were the easiest, relatively speaking, and the parts I expected to be difficult but tolerable were truly awful. I'll just leave it at that. The only thing that happened exactly as expected was the significant amount of time I spent puking.

We are utterly exhausted at this point, between laboring all night long and then having Gracie up all night the following night. It's not unusual for babies to have days and nights mixed up, and I sort of expected this because she had a tendency to be really active at night. Plus, she is my kid. I wouldn't be shocked if Mason pulled up in front of the house in a blue Nissan to take her to Taco Bell. (Liam and Brendan are working a shift w/Mary Ugly, so they can't go on the run.)


Donna said...

She's a woman of her own mind, it seems! Maybe we can hook Brendan up with a gig as her night nanny. It's about time his night-owl leanings start profiting the fam.
Congratulations on your DAUGHTER!!!

Rae said...

Have I mentioned that I keep buying your new daughter clothes?

Donna said...

Which is extra awesome because Auntie Rae has amazing taste in baby clothes! Lucky Grace!

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

I keep telling everyone you guys were the only ones who thought she was a girl! well, you guys and Maureen.

Gracie is VERY excited to see what kind of presents she's getting from her Auntie Rae:)

now if you will excuse me, my left eye is twitching so hard from fatigue, I can barely see...

diedendidit said...

She's still cute even that state. This is very exciting stuff. Its pretty fun that she's a girl. I want to buy her clothes too. Girls can wear overalls right?