Wednesday, January 28, 2009


you guys, oh my god...I came home from getting my hair cut (ahhh....FINALLY), and Stephen said Grace was having a bad day. When I walked in, she was lying on the changing table smiling, and he said, "I swear, she was crying the whole time!" I picked her up and we sat on the couch, and oh my GOD...she just sat on my lap and looked around and looked at me and we sat like that for maybe over five minutes. Just sitting there. She didn't cry or arch or writhe around or ANYTHING. She even had a huge poop halfway thru, lol, and I didn't get up to change her because I was having so much fun just SITTING there. This is what it's like to have a regular baby, isn't it? I seriously got tears in my eyes.

I think this colic business is God's way of making sure I don't try to have 5 kids, because if she were like that even half the time...


Donna said...

Well you know that they say if you have the difficult baby the first time then you'll have an easy one the second time around - so here's to Grace's little sibling!

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

People keep telling me that, including people who had colic-monsters. I hope it's true. Those five minutes were seriously five of the best minutes of my life so far. She's back to her usual ways this evening, so she is banished to her swing right now, hee. Maybe we're turning the corner...I hate to say that because if it's not true then I'll be so depressed, but maybe?

If our next kid is that sweet all the time, we could be in trouble, I'll want nine million babies.