Saturday, March 5, 2011

Before I Forget

because I DO keep forgetting, I need to record this little nugget from Katie's delivery for posterity:

When we went to the hospital, and I finally, finally, finally had the epidural, an adorable little pocket-sized medical student came in to see us. Wearing the requisite, ridiculous waist-length coat, looking far too perky for the situation, she came over to introduce herself. I had propped myself forward, the doctor had just broken my water, and I was perfectly comfortable, but it was odd timing. As she approached me, she stopped talking for a second, then laughed and said, "sorry! fumes got to me for a second there...." and proceeded to introduce herself to us. After she left, Stephen was all, wtf dude?!?! Who SAYS that?! And although I'd had the same initial thought, I started cracking up, explaining that she'd just used the alcohol-based hand gel, and those were the fumes she was referring to.

Medical students. They're so cute, couldn't you just PINCH them??

(and for the record, we never did see her again. Too bad. She missed a kickass delivery.)

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