Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Let's recap today, shall we?

Grace continues with the hideous lower GI bug she's had since sunday. It's....messy. NOT as messy as it would be if she were also puking, so thank god for small favors, but it's gross and she doesn't feel good. She's highly uninterested in liquids, too- hates gatorade, doesn't want water, I even tried bribing her with "bubble juice" (aka Sprite) and got minimal sips. She did eat most of a popsicle for lunch, but that was basically it. She is alternating between lying on the couch with glassy eyes and trying to run around like a crazy person.

In the meantime, Katie has been screaming bloody murder all day long unless she's lying next to a naked boob. Possibly nursing, possibly not, BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT SHE NEEDS BOOB. The swing is a profound, personal insult. Ditto to the front carrier. Rocking, swaying, patting- do not make me laugh. It makes it a bit of a challenge to take care of the sick child, to say the least. Especially when I am absolutely certain that if the younger child were to get sick with the same bug, we WOULD buy ourselves a hospital stay and have been obsessively washing hands and refraining from cross-contamination of any kind.

Before Grace turned into a human poop fountain, one of my friends was going to come meet Katie tonight, so this morning I quick ran a mop over the floor. Except I did not realize until after I had mopped the entire first floor that the mop head needs to be replaced, so now half of our house smells like a dirty rag.

Oh, and also, I took the girls out this morning to pick up the cat's Prozac and some Sprite for Grace (which she won't drink, of course), and did not realize until I got home that the vet called in a refill for Xanax. A prescription they gave me once that I never actually filled.

Currently, Katie is in her favored position of the day, Grace is taking a nap, and I am breathing through my mouth.

I really don't like the newborn stage.

(and before anyone suggests it: I can't take the Xanax while I'm breastfeeding.)


Megan M said...

This must be going around...Lilli had stomach flu Friday night until Saturday afternoon, and shared it with my Sunday afternoon until now...and it did end with an ER visit for me...ugg...when will it be Spring?

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

I'm pretty sure it's nationwide- everyone who didn't give up FB for Lent is talking about their kids having the stomach flu.

Donna said...

Yep, we had some variety of flu here for the last two weeks. ugh!! Damn good weather better be coming soon.