Thursday, November 17, 2011

Four Years Ago...and today

Stephen and I exchanged gifts when he got home this morning.  That was pretty much the extent of our celebration today, since we're celebrating over the weekend.  We were standing in the dining room, spacing out, kind of leaning into each other, and just as I looked over at the girls and thought, wow, who would've thought?  Stephen said, "That's what you wanted, right?"  And I thought, wow.  That's a little deep for 6 in the morning, and anyway, how did he know what I was thinking???  Then he said, "I mean, that's the link you sent..."

Oh.  Right.  The totally kick-ass running watch he gave me.  THAT was what he meant.  Heh. 

....but for the record, he was right on both counts.


Jilly said...

You know what I remember most about this day? Getting tattoo coverup makeup on your mom's dress, and then having everyone point it out after the wedding was over.
I can't believe it's only/already been four years!!

Donna said...

totally great post. and Stephen has to watch Brendan's favorite movie On the Town so he can see himself when he was a young Frank Sinatra. And that picture outside the Chicago Theatre is the best.

Torrey said...

I agree with Donna, that pic outside the Chicago theater needs to be some famous picture that people get posters of. It's amazing.

And you were a gorgeous bride... and, yeah, happy anniversary!