Saturday, November 5, 2011

...which is weird, because I HATE the cold

I ran a 15k today.  I was, um, nervous, to say the least.

This past week completely kicked my ass.  Also, I had not run more than six miles since the half, two months ago.  Sooo, I was not going into things in particularly good form.

My friends and I decided to drive down, rather than deal with the El, which turned out to be more stressful than I expected, when we couldn't find parking.  We FINALLY managed to find parking (in a building with a view of what we called "the dead body field", because seriously, it was so desolate and creepy) and walked over to the start.  It. Was. FREEEEZING.  They also didn't have enough port-a-potties and they started the race twenty minutes late.  Things were not off to a great start.

But then?  We started running, and it felt...really, really good.  I forgot to take note of what time I started, so I wasn't sure how fast I ran my first mile, but it felt reasonably fast.  As the race went on, I thought, hmm, that's odd, I swear I'm running sub-10 minute miles.  Surely that can't be right.  I bet the clocks are wrong.

Then I missed the 7 mile marker.  I just kept looking and looking and never did see it.  When I finally saw the clock coming up for the 8 mile marker, all I could think was, if that is the 7-mile marker, I am in big trouble here, heh. 

When I crossed the finish line, I felt like a million bucks.  I wasn't sore, walking was easy, I chugged three cups of gatorade without feeling like I was going to be sick.  I even had a cup of post-race hot chocolate (and I basically NEVER indulge in post-race treats, I usually feel way too rotten for that).  I found my official results online and sure enough, I paced 9:35 minute miles.  That is pretty slow to most people, but NOT if you're me.  If you're me, that's AWESOME. That is kick. ass.

It's the weather.  It was cold and crisp and PERFECT for running.  I can't run in the heat.  It's why I haven't been able to PR a half marathon.  It only kind of makes sense, because I really, really, really hate being cold, but I also hate being hot, and when I'm running, I'm never really cold for very long.  The annoying thing, though?  Is that I thought to myself, I really wish there were a late fall half marathon in Chicago, THEN I could get my PR.  ....Of course, there IS, and I just missed it, because sit was the weekend before Halloween.

Next year.

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