Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Return of the Car Nap.

This is my own fault.

A few weeks ago, Gracie woke up exceptionally early.  Katie was still sleeping and I was just flat-out not ready to face the day.  I pulled out a trick from my mom's repertoire, asking her "Would you like to come watch tv in my bed?!?!"  as if I were offering her the opportunity to color on the walls with Sharpies or eat an entire package of oreos.  She, of course, leaped at the chance, and snuggled under the covers with me, quietly watching tv while I half-slept for another twenty minutes.  Genius, I told myself.  I am a genius.  Surely there shall be no repercussions for this behavior because these things never backfire ever especially if you are me.

So of course, in a shocking and amazing development, she is now waking up every day at 5am, asking to watch tv in my bed.  (oh, and did I mention I also let her use my strawberry chapstick while we watched tv?  And so she also wakes up asking for red lips?  Yeah, look, I never said I was smart.)  Aside from the fact that there are few things I hate more than waking before 6am (I used to hate waking at 8am.  let's all pause a minute and laugh and then weep.), it also means she's exhausted by 10am.  And since her sister still needs a morning nap, we never leave the house before 11am.  Which means...THE RETURN OF THE CAR NAP OH MY GOD SUUUUCK.


This past week, we took my mom to lunch for her birthday.  Both girls fell asleep on the way there, and I thought, "How odd.  Of course, Gracie has a cold, surely that is why."  And since she was a little bit of a troll the whole morning, I decided to just let her sleep.  Of course, that meant she took no afternoon nap and if I thought she was a troll that morning I was sadly underestimating her abilities.

I figured it was an isolated incident, and so we attempted to go to Lincoln Square, about twenty minutes from our house, to pick up our packets for the Turkey Trot (and Gobble Gallop!) on saturday.  Traffic was light, we didn't have anything else to do, Lincoln Square is a cute neighborhood, I had high hopes.


We got about halfway there when I noticed the steady stream of jabbering had slowed and then disappeared. I peeked in the mirror and saw Grace with her head lolling off to one side.  No.  No!  No no no no NOOOOO!!!!!!  So I did what any rational person would do.  I aborted our mission, rolled down her window, and started screaming bloody murder.  You guys.  Oh my god.  I was screaming so freakishly, trying to wake this kid up.  I mean, the full, throaty kind of screaming you do when your dog chases a squirrel into four lanes of traffic.  And did I mention I rolled down the window?!  I seriously cannot even imagine what people were thinking as I weaved in and out of traffic on Irving Park Road on a saturday, screaming, "WAKE UP GRACIE NO SLEEPING NO SLEEPING NO SLEEPING WAKE UP!!!"

It....didn't work.  She slept all the way home.  I whipped the car into the garage, opened the door, and woke her up.  She started sobbing, which is pretty much what she does after a car nap, except she kept saying something, over and over.

Oh.  Did I mention?  I was a little nervous about how she'd act at packet pick up?  And I bribed her by telling her we'd go to Starbucks for cake pops if she was good?  And all she knew was that we were driving somewhere, and then we were back in the garage, and there was no cake pop?  WOOPS.

So, I mean, yeah, ok.  We went back out for her cake pop.  But the closest Starbucks is on Irving Park Road, the same heavily-trafficked road we'd been on earlier.  And it was also the only place where we could find parking, a block from Starbucks.  Grace was SHOCKINGLY good, holding my hand, walking nicely up the street.  When we got there, she got her cake pop and even sat nicely on a chair while I waited for my latte.  And said hi to every. single. person. who walked in (and a LOT of people walked in.) Finally! Win.

By then it was gorgeous and sunny, so we went home and played in the backyard.  And everyone took a nap.  All's well that ends well.  (even if the same damn thing happened on the way home today and now we're gonna be back on house arrest DAMNIT.)

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Donna said...

It never ends, it just evolves into something else. And Liam loves my cherry chapstick too and decided he needed it while he was pneumonia boy at the hospital and put it on all over his face right before the IR doc came to see him. Awesome. Kathy, I know I mentioned this before a time or two, but Brendan and Gracie are the same person. (Except now Brendan looks like a boy because I cut all his curls off because he asked me to and people kept calling him a girl and it was pissing Eric off.) And I have had that drive down Irving Park Rd with Brendan a million times, and maybe sometimes it was on Elmhurst Road or something but yeah, it somehow sucks a little less to know we each have one and if we don't do too bad a job raising them they might be nice to us when they take over the world. Because that's what they're going to do.