Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh no she di-int.

So Gracie goes to a play group every tuesday morning- just kids, no parents/babysitters.  It's only an hour and a half, but gives her time with other kids her age.  She really loves it, has become so much more outgoing since it started, and her speech has absolutely exploded since she started going.  It's all-around awesome. 

The teachers have their work cut out for them- they've got a few criers, and a few spitfires, who seemingly spend half their time in time out.  So far, we've been really lucky with Gracie.  She's always been fine with me leaving, and the teachers always talk about how sweet she is with the other kids.  Apparently, she saves all her turdiness for home.

This week, I went to pick her up and found her playing with legos with another little boy.  I mean, kind of- he had his back to her.  This is important to the story.  Trust me.  She did not notice that I had walked in, as her back was to me.  She picked up a chunk of stuck-together Duplos, and whacked the little boy in the back of the head.


For no reason!  wtf?!

I actually jumped and gasped a little bit.  Her teacher did the same.  She almost spluttered, "I...wha?  Gracie!!!  We don't hit!  What do you say?!?!?"  and Gracie cheerfully said, "Sowwy!!"  I was still frozen.  I could not even react.  Where on earth did that even come from!? 

Yeah.  I still don't know.  Honestly, she wasn't mad or having a fit or anything.  I really think she just wanted to get his attention, or see what would happen.  Something similar happened when Katie was brand-new and we were playing at the park.  Suddenly she decided it would be fun to run up behind other kids and push them.  It was totally mortifying, but also completely bizarre. 

One of my friends joked that she's practicing for when she starts dating.  Like, "HELLO, are you LISTENING TO ME?!!" 

Yeah.  Works for me.

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