Thursday, March 19, 2009

I knew it!

So this study has confirmed what I thought for awhile- the tendency to have boys and girls may run in families.

Since girls are very rarely born in Stephen's family, this confirms what I already knew- we hit the jackpot.


Donna said...

She seriously could not be cuter - and holding her dolly!!!

Laura said...

verrrry cute picture. :)

diedendidit said...

My niece's had dolls like Gracie's that they took everywhere - they were very descriptively named as pink dolly and pink baby. Grace is really so adorable.

Ok, this study - it sort of explains my family, right? My dad came from a family of all boys, so he probably had the boy gene and had that gaggle (making me wunderkind, no doubt) - but then my brothers had all girls. Very interesting.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Dieden, that is interesting, because my parents are friends with these two brothers who both had big families of all boys, and their boys went on to have girls. So the more I think about it, the more it does not make as much sense as I initially thought.

Still, I had to think of SOME reason to post that picture!

Mom of 2 boys said...

I thought this study was interesting ... but not sure I buy into it. My grandpa had 8 girls and 1 boy ... my uncle had 4 boys and no girls. LOL ... but then again it could also prove more the joke that we use to say that Uncle Cole came from the milk man.