Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In less than one week

I have to go back to work. Three 12-hour shifts a week, away from my baby.

Tell me not to panic. I am TOTALLY panicking.


Donna said...

Don't panic. I guarantee you will actually find times when you are away at work and it will give you a good jolt and make you appreciate everything about your life and Grace even more. Honestly I absolutely could not handle working 5 days a week away from the kids, but 3 days will definitely be doable. Don't sweat it!!! It's the anticipation of going back that's the worst - you will be fine, I promise!

Rae said...

You and Grace will do great.

Laura said...

it's hard to miss somebody that you're always around. I think working allows you to come home and look forward and cherish the time together that sometimes we (I) take for granted when I'm home alone all day.

For me, I think working is helping me bond with her (how backwards is that?) I think I'm going to be a better mom because I have work too.

Everyone is different, I know. But, you'll do great. Just keep breathing!

Jessica said...

I'm with Laura - you'll do great! :)