Friday, March 6, 2009

Whine It Out

It's not the same as cry it out. Well, it is in one respect- it still rips my heart out of my chest and drop-kicks it against the wall.

I had a lot to say about it, I thought, but that's really it. It sucks and I hate it but sometimes it is the only way this baby will sleep.

Between that and going back to work monday (MONDAY), I may have to be institutionalized before mid-March.

I never used to be this soft. I'm like a kitten's belly.

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Jessica said...

Big Hugs!

We let Penny fuss in her crib before bedtime. It was really hard at first, but she needs the release before she sleeps... I though it was just a crib thing, but this weekend she slept with us while we were in Reno and she did the same thing. So maybe Gracie just needs to whine...

Good luck - I hope you get some sleep, and my thoughts will be with you on Monday when you go back to work!