Thursday, April 9, 2009


Four is my lucky number. I remember when I was doing general pediatric clinicals, I always liked four month old babies the most, they were so adorable and interactive, but not so busy that you feel like you need a nap after you see them.

Maybe those two things combined mean Gracie will start sleeping through the night this month.



Well, that was funny.

We are having lots of fun, at least. She's so smiley and chatty. She's still pretty darn high maintenance, she just likes your undivided attention most of the time, and her sleep is still complete crap. We're working on it, but I'm coming to realize that all the sleep training methods don't train babies, they train parents, at least, at this age. I just think they give you options for coping with your baby's sleep, because no matter how hard we try, we really don't have much of an impact on G's sleep. She just does what she's going to do.

At least she's cute.


Donna said...

4 months is a great time! She is sooooo cute!
When can I see her again soon? Don't let her grow out of the outfit I got her before she gets it!!!

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

You can see her again whenever you want!!! maybe we should go together to get dress alterations? I did not have the dress place do it because they're usually overpriced, but now I don't know when I"ll get to the drycleaners to get measured. maybe we can go together and wrangle each other's kids.

Rae said...

She looks like she is playing peak-a-boo. :-)