Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, I had a whole stupid post in my head about how G acted like she was going to sleep in this morning and then she didn't so I used the crib aquarium and it was just like a snooze button ha ha ha ha.


Then we had a near-death experience and I no longer gave a flying crap about the stupid story I had to tell.

We went to the mall in an attempt to buy a present from a story that no longer exists. Annoyed, I packed her back in the car and headed to the produce market.

Sitting at a light just a few blocks away, I heard the weirdest noise, like construction. I didn't even look in the rearview mirror until something caught my eye- just two or three cars behind us, a pickup truck flipping over, followed by the driver being ejected from the side window. There were no horns honking, no screeching brakes. I guess neither driver saw it coming. I grabbed my phone to call 911, and motioned to the woman ahead of me that I was calling. I couldn't get thru, so I opened the door and asked her to try. I mentioned I had my 5mo in the backseat, and she said she had her 1yo in her car. I saw someone run up and flip the driver over- Jesus Christ, you dipshit, cervical spine alignment, now he's a *&$@ quad, oh no, I need to go help. I can't go help, I have G. Do I ask a stranger to watch G? No, I can't do that. OK, there's a person in scrubs, it's under control. (I couldn't see what was behind the truck, nor did it occur to me to try).

I finally got through to 911 and was informed they already knew about the accident. At that moment, I heard sirens approaching, so I thought, well, I guess I'll get going. I looked around for the first time and realized that traffic in the opposite direction was completely stopped. The woman ahead of me and the woman ahead of her were just sitting there, staring. What is WRONG with people???? SERIOUSLY. Not only are you IN THE WAY, keeping EMS from getting to the accident, you're a horrible person for sitting and drinking in the worst moment of another person's life (and quite possibly the end of that person's life.)

As I was driving away, I finally had the actual, clear thought- they weren't doing CPR on the driver. They were huddled around him, but not doing CPR. He was probably perfectly alive. I would've survived that accident. But you know who would most certainly not have survived that and I can't even bring myself to say it.

That is when I got hysterical and almost puked all over the car. I made it to the produce market, smothered G with kisses, bought maybe two of the nine billion things we needed, and went home.

So thank you to my guardian angels, and even though it goes without saying, drive safely.


Jill said...

I'm so glad you're both ok. what a terrible thing to witness.
um, also, super creepy. the word verification thingy I have to type in now, is "dying".
I shit you not.

Bobbi said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Max's Mommy said...


Kristen said...

Thank goodness you are OK.

Laura said...

wow. I'm so so so glad you guys are ok. Scary! I guess it puts things into perspective

Casey said...

I gave Z lots of snuggles after reading. I am glad you are okay. How very scary for you.