Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, it's been well-established that Gracie doesn't like to sleep. She also meets her gross-motor milestones at her own, lesiurely pace, and she doesn't vocalize as much as I'd like.


We hit the jackpot on eating. This child will eat anything I put in her mouth. Sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados, peas, and of course oatmeal, it's all gone as soon as it's pulled out of the fridge. She's a CHAMP with the spoon, hardly any tongue-thrusting at all, and if she's really liking what she's eating (avocados, kid has good taste), there's barely any even on her bib.

We got us an eater. Between that and her fine-motor control (which is pretty darn good, too, she's impressively all about her thumbs), maybe she'll be a famous restaurant blogger one day.


Donna said...

She could be like Julia Robert's character in My Best Friend's Wedding!

Jill said...

she's ready to text!
also, just please don't ever feed her guacamole off your fingers. I saw a mom do that once and it almost ruined guac for me.

Casey said...

She will have a blast at the midnight buffets.