Sunday, May 3, 2009

In Which I Am Original

So. Susan Boyle. Yeah, sorry. I know I'm like the nine billionth person in the world to have something to say about her, but here's the thing.

People talk about how it shouldn't be shocking that she's talented, and that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and why it's wrong to do that, and that's all true.

My thing is, I love her because she's an underdog. That's oversimplifying it. It's like...revenge? Or something. Because, yeah, it sucks to judge people based on their appearance, but in addition to all of us having done it at some point in our lives, we've all felt like it's happened to us, too. Right? I mean, how shitty does that feel? When she says she wants to be a singer, and they cut to the nasty girl rolling her eyes, we've ALL been sitting across from that nasty girl at some point. Well, except people who live on desert islands and manage to avoid going through junior high. The rest of us, though, have so been there, and we KNOW how much that hurts, and haven't we all wished we could show those nasty girls, once and for all? Susan Boyle is totally showing those nasty girls. They may be cuter, they may have more friends, but none of them can even dream of being as talented as her.

Or maybe it's just me and I'm hopelessly immature and grudge-holding. All I know is that the former drama freak in me can't watch that stupid video without getting all teary about it.

If I were a writer instead of a nurse, I would make a really awesome segue into a story about Bea Arthur, and how she was another woman who was not pretty, and was, in fact, awkward as hell, with her deep voice and enormous stature, but how she was also incredibly talented and made us all laugh. Unfortunately, I am a nurse, and so I can't think of a smooth way to get there. Isn't that a shame? That would've been awesome. This is why I'll always be a nurse and I'll never get to be a SAHM-blogger. Damn. Too bad I can't blame it on looking awkward so people will root for me to win America's Next Stay At Home Blogger...EDITED: um, for clarity: I can't blame it on looking awkward because you don't see bloggers. not because I think I'm all perfect-looking. au contraire. just had to, you know, clarify...

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Donna said...

Geez Kathy. You're so conceited! But you are beautiful, so it's ok. Especially if you want to move to LA. Then it's actually an asset. (To be conceited about your beauty, that is.)
I finally looked up the video of Susan Boyle a few days ago after reading that it made you cry. I was totally prepared to not get it, and wow. That was awesome. I cried too. I showed it to Liam and Brendan. And Eric. Even he liked it. Good for her. I don't know what her life's been like (she reallly doesn't look 47, so I'm thinking it hasn't been easy.) I hope she wins. It's a great story. It was like watching a Hugh Grant / English movie, at least the video I saw on youtube. Wow.
And one prop I have to give to Catholic school is that (at least for me and a few of the other Catholic school kids I know,) Jr. High did not seem nearly as bad as it did at the public schools. But yes, there are about 100 times I could relate myself to what happened to her, and damn I wish I could have just looked at those jerks and then belted out a song heard round the world that made Simon Cowell's jaw drop. That'd definitely show them! Boo-yah Susan Boyle!