Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am not sick.

My throat hurts from too much singing. Not because I'm sick. Because I'm NOT sick. I'm not going to spend the next ten days snorting nasal saline, gingerly swallowing, and sucking cold-eeze (which, for the curious, is A-OK for the nursing mother, according to kellymom.com).

and let's not even get started on who else in this house is NOT getting sick, because OH MY GOD I WILL JUST DIE.

Similarly, that same person is not screaming her fool head off in protest of a real nap in her crib and waking up her poor father who is trying to sleep before he goes back to work.

Denial: The Other White Meat

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Donna said...

Sister, I feel your pain. You will NOT get sick because God doesn't have that weird of a sense of humor. Did I tell you about a lady who was letting her kids play with my kids and her husband was telling her kids to hug my kids and then 20 minutes later they tell me they are all sick and have like whooping cough or something. You cannot do that to people. Because being sick with kids BLOWS!!! Which you will not find out right now because you are not sick. :o)