Sunday, May 15, 2011

These Are The Good Old Days

There is absolutely nothing in this world that will make you feel more lame than hearing a cheesy Carly Simon song on the radio and thinking, awww, yes! Totally!

But whatever, because it's true. It is really hard right now- I constantly question my decisions and I'm pulled in ten different directions every day and I cannot remember the last time I went to the bathroom by myself with the door closed, but I also know, as surely as I know Taco Bell bean burritos are sent to us from heaven, that I will look back on these as some of the happiest days of my life.


Kristen said...

Carly speaks the truth.

I wish this post had a "like" button.

Torrey said...

Taco Bell bean burritos were in fact sent from heaven. When I was a teenager and I would eat them, I would call the perfect bite (properly proportioned beans, cheese, and red sauce) a "dream bite".

And I just posted that on the Internet. Fabulous.

Max's Mommy said...