Saturday, May 28, 2011

Warning: May Be Habit Forming

So, I briefly alluded to our sleep issues yesterday, but I have more to say about it. I know, you're shocked.

I just don't make easy sleepers. I've accepted that. This is an extra-mean joke from the universe, because oh my GOD, I need my sleep more than the average ten people combined. Some people can go days and days without sleep, and they're all, "Yawn, I'm tired, pass the salt." I go ONE night missing out on just a few hours, and I'm like, "oh my god my eyes are filled with sand and my skin is too small for my body and WHAT are we going to do about the ECONOMY and THE CHEESE TRIANGLES DON'T GO LIKE THAT!!!" And even though I've always known that, I REALLY learned it when Grace was born.

Hence, cosleeping with Katie.

And in the beginning, I was really not happy about it. It made me nervous and was uncomfortable and I just didn't like it. I hoped it would be short-lived. I did it because I had to.

Then I started to get into a little ritual every night. And some of you might already know this, but SRSLY: you have never known a bigger ritual person in your life. For realz. You know how Mr. Rogers walked in the door every day and changed into his sweater and changed his shoes? If you put me in a functional MRI scanner and showed that to me, the happy-calm center of my brain would light up like a frigging Christmas tree. I love me some routines. So when each evening started consisting of sitting in the bed with Katie asleep on a pillow in my lap while I read a book (and may or may not have watched TMZ), it was the beginning of the end. After that came waking in the morning with her sweet face just inches from mine, and after that, the naps with her warm little body sprawled on my chest. The next thing I knew, I was getting ready to go back to work and not only was she in the bed full-time, we also had no routine or bedtime. And really, that last part isn't really appropriate, especially since she has to wake up so early on my work days.

So we're working on it. She has a bedtime, which I suspect will get progressively earlier (and probably, she'll be a 6pm bedtime kid for awhile, which is awfully nice when your kid wakes at 5:30, but totally sucks nuggets when you work til 7.) And last night, she even slept four whole hours in her crib. But then she woke up and I scooped up her warm snuggly body and carried her right back to my bed and snuggled up to her.

So when I said you don't need to worry about forming bad habits? I still think I was right, because all those so-called experts are talking about the babies. They never really warn you about how YOU'RE going to feel. So, uh, consider yourself warned.

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