Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thwarted at every turn!

Grace is a massive mudpuppy. Last summer, she basically lived in these cheap little sundresses made out of bathing suit material, because it was totally pointless to dress the kid before we went outside. Today it was unseasonably hot, but I couldn't find her darn water dresses, so we put on a t shirt and a cloth diaper and headed outside.

I had a stroke of genius as I was setting up her water table- if I add Dawn to the water, it'll be bubbly, which will be FUN, and also keep her clean!

Grace, however, had other plans.

Namely, recreating Woodstock. (the original Woodstock, not the bad one in the 90s where all hell broke loose.)

She was SO proud of herself.

You guys. She BATHED in that little mud pit of hers.

I literally hosed her off before we came inside, and she was STILL so caked in mud, I had to strip her down by the back door, bring her upstairs and put her in the tub, and then mop the kitchen floor because there were globs of mud eeeeverywhere. And the best part is, now that she's done it once, it is ALL she's gonna want to do, all summer long.

She does, however, occasionally act like a girl, too. Look, purple flowers!


BnE's Mommy said...


Max's Mommy said...

She is awesome

Kristen said...

This is the coolest thing I have seen all day.

Melony said...

I love her! This kind or makes me want to cry because it gives me hope that one day my little hellion will be fun.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

oh Mel, now you're gonna make ME cry. He will be. Promise. Doesn't really help that much now, but...yeah.

Laura said...

looove this!

afeatherstone said...

LOVE this! She's so cute. We also have the Thing one and Thing two shirts =)