Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Go Green

Like every other new mom on the planet, I have second-guessed every single decision I've made for Gracie. This morning, though, the decision I was most unsure of, the one I was fully prepared to scrap, was entirely validated.

When I decided to give cloth diapers a shot, my family reacted like I had decided to join a commune, or raise Gracie as a level 4 vegan (nothing that casts a shadow!). Seriously. Well, with the exception of one of my aunts who sent us awesome cloth diaper gifts. For the most part, though, people reacted as if I'd lost my mind.

Initially, we did prefolds and covers (what you think of when you think of cloth diapers) from a diaper service, which means you don't even wash them yourself, they come and pick up the dipes and drop off new ones each week. The covers are ours, and I do wash those, but they dont' need to be washed each time, just when they're nasty. I go through maybe two covers a day. We used disposables overnight because oh my LORD, Gracie was sure that all diaper changes were an attempt to amputate her legs. Eventually, when she was big enough, we started using >pocket diapers. We have to wash these ourselves, but it's much easier than some people online will lead you to believe.

ANYWAY. This morning, we were out of diaper services dipes (it's delivery day) and I'd left all the clean pockets downstairs, so I threw a sposie on her. When I woke her up from her nap, I thought, ew, she smells like pee. Then she had the audacity to poop in her diaper. I know, who would do such a thing? Well, dont' worry, the diaper wasn't hurt too badly, as the poo went absolutely EVERYWHERE- up and down her back, soaking her onesie (The P is for Pony onesie she wore home from the hospital!) and her sleeping gown (one of the few left that fits really well!). I mean, it was EVERYWHERE. Totally disgusting. And I am telling you this because we have never, ever, EVER had a blow-out like that with a cloth diaper. It just doesn't happen. In fact, she had another huge, liquidy poop this afternoon (it's the rotavirus vaccine she got on friday), this time in a cloth diaper, and she had one tiny little spot leak out the top of her diaper. Tiny little spot!

I am a total zealot. I think everyone should give CDs a shot. If you don't want the extra laundry, try a diaper service! If you don't want to mess with prefolds (which, really, are ridiculously easy), then try pockets! Our diaper service is still cheaper than disposables, and once you have a stash of pockets, there's no extra expense at all! Just give it a shot. You won't be sorry.

You're still not convinced? Gracie finds your lack of concern for the environment DEEPLY tiresome.


Donna said...

Love it! If I go for a 3rd you will have to give me the entire skinny on this. I already have a few of some sort or another so there I go! Wait, should I start now with Brando? Let's chat!

Heather said...

OMG I adore her face in that picture!

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Isn't it hysterical?! like she saying, "Godddd, what is your PROBLEM?!"

Donna, I think you have either a pocket dipe or an all-in-one, which is basically the same thing but it doesn't use an insert. the advantage to pockets is that they're easier to get clean, and AIOs tend to get stinky. however, if you're into big, elaborate laundry routines, I don't think it's a problem.

You should totally start with Brando! I'll send you the link to my diaper service, and there's a link to an online place to buy the dipes in this entry.

Seriously, this is one of those things that feels like such a big, huge step, and it is SO no big deal.

Jessica said...

Hooray for CD's!!!

Rae said...

Her eyes are soo blue. :-)