Friday, February 20, 2009

New Kitchen:)

First of all, what is up with my blog? Why are the posts not coming up when the page loads? hate.

Secondly, the kitchen people are coming next thursday! I am very excited, because it turns out the kitchen in our house suuucks, and I love to cook. It'll be really nice to get started on it. I wanted to make it a priority, but having moved in less than a month before Gracie was born, it obviously took a back seat. I'm still all over it, though, because it didn't seem to bad when we chose the house, but it really stinks. The cabinets are super cheap and falling apart (and the cabinets above the frig don't even open all the way, because the frig gets in the way), the appliances suck (the oven doesn't have a window or a light, the frig is tiny), the sink slopes towards the center, so you can't set anything in the sink without it rolling into the's a mess. I can't WAIT to hear what they think we can do.

After that, we only need to refinish the floors, paint, fix cracks in the walls and ceilings, get a new fence and a patio, replace the front door, decide if we're going to do an addition vs. moving, which will determine whether we do aluminum siding now or after an addition...I think that's it. For now anyway, I'm sure we'll find more prpoblems. This house, I am TELLING you. The thought of moving again is enough to make me want to cry, but the thought of staying here and doing all the work it needs isn't much easier. Not that it matters, given the current housing market.


Heather said...

I hope you get your dream kitchen and soon!

Bobbi said...

You'll have to share finished pics.