Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just because it's a cliche doesn't make it less true

Okay, two cliches, actually:

1- I can't wait for Grace to be able to show us her personality. I mean, okay, she really can already, but more of who she's going to become. The things that make her so hard now are going to be...well, they're still going to be really hard when she's older, but they're going to be so cool, too. She's so stubborn and determined, and her need to constantly be on the go go go is going to make her such an amazing person, I think. She'll be a true Sagittarian:) I really, really hope I can figure out how to make sure she keeps a sense of adventure without, like, killing herself.

2- One day, this child will stop fighting sleep so hard. oh my GOD, I've never seen a baby fight sleep as hard as she does. Eventually, she will sleep big long chunks and we will feel human again. Eventually, she will learn to love sleep (and if she takes after her mother, she will learn to looooove sleep). And when that day comes? I will have my revenge. Oh yes, I will.


Laura said...

way to look on the bright side. She does have an amazing personality, regardless of how trying it can be right now.

Heather said...

revenge- that's why parents always try to embarass (sp) their kids