Saturday, February 14, 2009

ohhhh no:(

As much as it's horrible to go for weeks without any sleep, it is so much harder, psychologically, to move backwards.

We've established a bit of a lovely pattern in our house. Swing time in the evening, being awakened from swing time around 7:30, playing on the bathroom floor, bedtime around 9:30. I have to watch Gracie SUPER closely, because once she got tired and I missed it and ohhh, there was hell to pay, she didn't fall asleep until 11pm and then when she woke at 3am, she was awake for two hours, went down for an hour, and woke up again. It was horrid, I kept waiting for a mysterious nanny to arrive and tell me she'd been sent to care for Dami- I mean Gracie. Anyway.

Yesterday was a very big day, as mentioned previously. Last night, she was a dream, sleeping like an angel, barely waking to eat at 2:30 and going STRAIGHT back down afterwards. It was ridiculous. This morning she woke for the day earlier than normal, but she was full of smiles and sat nicely on our laps (this is HUGE in our house, Gracie is just not a lap-sitter), and the day was off to a nice start. I'm not sre when the wheels fell off the bus, sometime in the afternoon. She woke up from a nap no happier than she'd gone down. We took her out to Home Depot and I put her in the front carrier. This is usually about the same as sedating her, she loves the carrier and instantly falls asleep. Not today. She cried half the time and spent the other half of hte time furiously sucking on a paci and staring at the lumbar like it was a big pile of vaccinations, just WAITING to puncture her squooshy, helpless thighs. When we got in the car, I rode in back with her since we had such big pieces of wood- I haven't done that in ages, and oh MAN was she eyeballin' me! Finally, about a block from the house, she dropped off to sleep. I was thisclose to telling Stephen, just drive. She needs the sleep, just get on the Kennedy and go. But I did not, because that seemed ridiculous.

She was fussy the rest of the afternoon, took a brief nap around 4:30, played a bit, went in the swing. Just like every other night. I should also add that I am no dummy and she's had tylenol for the last 24 hours. Anyway. I woke her like I always do, and she was fussy like she always is, except today? She just was not settling down. At ALL. Ohhh, she was mad, and so, so, so tired. I finally managed to get her to eat a little bit, and then after about half an hour's worth of hollering, she fell asleep.

One of two things is going to happen here tonight: she's going to wake any minute and be up until midnight, fussing and moaning and trying to eat and then screaming with rage over the fact that the milk is either not flowing fast enough or is flowing TOO FAST TOO FAST TOO FAST MOOOOM!!!! before spending the rest of the night sleeping in two hour blocks, OR, she's going to sleep until 1 or 2 am and be awake for two hours. You see, she NEEDS that play time before bed to go straight back to sleep during the night.

On the plus side, we won't care as much when the cats are yowling all night, and they WILL be, because guess who forgot to buy benadryl today? Sigh.


Donna said...

This quote is awesome and should be award-winning:

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

hee, it's totally what she does!

and btw, she did EXACTLY what I predicted, woke at 11:30 and was up til 1:15, woke at 4:30 and woke at 7;30 to try to start the day. I was too tired for that business so I brought her in the bed and miraculously got her back to sleep (she HATES our bed) until 10:30. now it's after noon and I'm in my pajamas. I hate sleeping late.

I'm also totally paranoid that we're all off track and wont' get her back on. The night after a bad night is almost as bad as the bad night itself because it's so stressful!!

Donna said...

I hear you sister, but have no fear - she'll be back on the wagon soon. But anytime you go backward it is just the pits. PITS!