Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grace of the Future

Today, while we were at Stephen's mom's house for brunch, the neighbors came over, mom and her daughter Grace. That Grace is about seven or eight years old, I'd guess? I'm not sure. Anyway, the mom and I were talking about our Graces, and it turns out that Grace was horribly colicky, too. I asked her mom when she started to get better, and she kind of hedged, kind of a lot, because I think she didn't really want to admit that it took forEVER. She said her Grace just constantly wanted to be on the move, and was so fidgety, she'd get agitated if she was still for more than five seconds. That is SO our Grace, too.

The good news is, her Grace is just a sweetie, so outgoing and polite and friendly and super-excited to meet our Grace. The bad news? Her Grace didn't get better until she started walking.

WALKING, people!!!!!

At least she walked early, but that doesn't mean ours will! She did say it started to get better at three months, but she was still fussier than average until she was 9.5 mos old and could walk.

God help us.

Having said that, we're on day two of prevacid. I see no difference yet, but I've been told by other parents to expect even longer than three days, so I am trying really hard not to despair yet. We did put her to bed in the swing last night to start out, and she slept five whole hours, which is the longest she's ever slept in her life. The swing motor is SO damn loud, I had a dream I went shopping for a new swing with a quieter motor, and when I found one, it cost $252. I bought it anyway, but I was mad at myself for not registering for it. Great dream, that. Anyway, after she woke up, I fed her and put her back in her crib, a process which took about an hour and fifteen minutes...about average for us. However, she DID stay asleep for another three and a half hours, which is really huge.

We also went for a walk today, in the "mild" weather. It turns out lots of people in Irving Park don't own shovels. This is amazing, since, you know, we live in Chicago and it snows every winter, but I have to believe that is the issue, because what kind of asshole lets it snow all winter and doesn't shovel their sidewalk? Someone who enjoys watching two desperate parents lift and carry their stroller across the icy, compacted snow while wrestling with a 90 lb dog who's on his first walk in weeks, that's who. There's a special place in hell for those people, right alongside the ones who turn from the center lane and the people who stop dead in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store on a saturday afternoon.

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Jen Osborne said...

I would like to add the super-douche that stops at the bottom of the escalator to your See You in Hell list