Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I had a dream last night that I put Gracie in the refrigerator after I finished feeding her. In my dream, I just thought she belonged there. Oddly, it was the frig in my parents' basement, not mine. Anyway. My aunt came over to visit her, and when she heard where she was, freaked out and told me I had to get her out right away. I went running to get her, but by the time I pulled her out, she already had frostbite and was covered with black welts. It was horrible.

Obviously, this is a ridiculous dream. I would never think to put Grace in the refrigerator because I saw that very special episode of Punky Brewster when Cherie almost suffocated because she hid in an old refrigerator and Punky saved her with CPR.


Rae said...

i actually also had a dream about Grace. you asked me to stay upstairs with her while she napped. I decided I would also sleep on the floor of her room. Grace then woke me up by crawling out of her crib and asking me to get up. She was a baby when we went to sleep and then a toddler when we woke up. I carried her down stairs, astonished and worried you were going to think I had done something to her or that I had "lost" about a year of time...and you were all, of course Rachel, that's what happens with babies, they just grow up fast.

Donna said...

Both of those things are very weird and also before I read this, for no apparent reason, this afternoon I sent Rae a picture of Brendan sitting in the refrigerator - no joke!